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bardusch GmbH & Co. KG

Invoice Management

Introduction of SAP® Invoice Management by OpenText at the Bardusch location in Switzerland. Parallel implementation of xECM (OpenText) as archive and DMS solution. Subsequently, the roll out was projected into the German companies.

The conclusion of the customer:

„We experienced a professional project and are very satisfied with the performance of bc-competence,” says BARDUSCH’s project manager, Jürgen Dehm. “Our users are pleased with the functionality of SAP® Invoice Management by OpenText and the easy handling of this solution.“

Jürgen Dehm | Team Leader Information Technology and Organization

Emil Frey Gruppe Deutschland


Invoice Management


Detailed conception of the automated processing of supplier invoices for the Emil Frey group of companies in Germany. In doing so, heterogeneous requirements of the individual divisions were taken into account. The implementation of SAP® Invoice Management by OpenText including customer-specific adaptations has been structured in phases in a structured way.

The conclusion of the customer:

„Our business processes are very complex. This is due to the variety of different business areas we cover: auto dealers, workshops, spare parts and financial services are all examples, “says Wendelin Henriques, head of organization and IT. “Despite this complexity, we have been able to implement a smooth, successful project. In addition to the motivation of our employees, we can attribute this to the competence and experience of the consultants from bc-competence. We are very happy with the progress. Our employees enjoy working with SAP® Invoice.“

Wendelin Henriques | Head of Organization and IT

University hospital Essen

The university hospital Essen is the largest university hospital in the “Ruhr” area, with the focus on health care, research and teaching.
The optimization of commercial business processes is an essential moment for a developing organization. Accordingly, bc-competence gmbh supports the university hospital with innovative projects that streamline business processes. In addition, another reason was the successful introduction for Process Mining in accounting.

The conclusion of the project:

“Process Mining enabled the university hospital to gain important insights into its accounting. This gave them an advantage of being in an excellent position to further optimise its business processes.”

Marcel Reimann | BC-Projektmanager



“We have achieved a leading position in the optimization of our processes “, says Mr. Hoffmann, Managing Director of ACCON-RVS GmbH, about the change management project. “Bc-competence supported us with innovative impulses.” These included analyzes of processes and structures and the implementation of process automation projects in the Shared Service Center. ” According to Mr. Hoffmann, we have realized the savings potential.”

The conclusion of the customer:

The ACCON-RVS GmbH in Berlin uses Process Mining in their shared service center for commercial business processes. The clients are mainly travel agencies z. From the Group Divisions of TUIgroup and DER Touristik. It provides services related to accounting. With Process Mining, the ACCON-RVS has implemented a possibility of ongoing process analysis and validation for the business process of processing supplier invoices. This allows the requirements for quality and cost sensitivity to be taken into account. “Within a few months,” says Mr. Hoffmann, Managing Director of ACCON-RVS, “the process mining tool was implemented and the analysis of the process data from our systems (eg SAP®, RBS etc.) implemented.” The results are meaningful and make a significant contribution to further optimization.
We have achieved a leading position in the optimization of our processes “, says Mr. Hoffmann, Managing Director of ACCON-RVS GmbH, about the change management project. “Bc-competence supported us with innovative impulses.” These included analyzes of processes and structures and the implementation of process automation projects in the Shared Service Center. “We have,” continues Mr. Hoffmann, “realized the targeted savings potential.”

Herr Hoffmann | executive Director


Optimization of business processes
The REWEgroup was founded in 1927 by independent merchants as a purchasing cooperative. Even today, the members of the cooperative and the independent merchants are still an important part of the trading, travel and tourism company.

The consultants of bc-competence have been involved in REWEgroup projects for more than 20 years. For example, in the MABU project of REWE Deutscher Supermarkt AG & CO KGaA. This involves the introduction of system-supported, article accurate market accounting system based on merchandise management data. The central service components of MABU are the article-specific recording of quantitative merchandise flows of the individual stores and the valuation with the average price (DEK). In this context central parameters of the contribution margin calculation, such as inventory differences (e.g. shrinkage) and trade margin are determined here. The data structure of the MABU or the relevant previous systems (merchandise management) extends over a large number of database tables, to which the respective sub-processes (but also, if necessary, by users, e.g. in the case of analysis) access in sometimes complex selections. Billions of data records are generated and managed by the system.
The various evaluation procedures and the overall system are subject to corresponding audits by auditors – due to the direct impact on the income statement and balance sheet. On the part of bc-competence, we are involved in the MABU project both conceptually and project-accompanying. Especially in the communication and transmission towards development.

The customer’s conclusion:

“bc-competence has been providing us with qualified and competent consultants for over 10 years. With the support of the consultants of bc-competence, we have optimised our business processes. An example of this was our complex merchandise management and the introduction of Robotic Process Automation.”

Jens Gerstner | Head of Business Organization

Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG

Invoice Management

Nordgetreide is present throughout Europe and specialises in the gentle processing of maize, wheat, barley and rice into food. The company produces high-quality breakfast cereals and first-class mill products for leading companies in food retailing and the food industry.

Based on bc-competence’s predefined “best practice” functionality, SAP® Invoice Management by OpenText was introduced. This was preceded by a discussion of the Implementation Guide with the KeyUsers. In the following years, the required software updates were technically and functionally implemented by bc-competence. The users were introduced to the new features.

The conclusion of the customer:

“The automation of processing incoming supplier invoices with SAP® INVOICE MANAGEMENT by OpenText is a real pleasure,” says Ms. Mandy Zaag, the responsible project manager at NORDGETREIDE. “We have achieved our goal of a secure and streamlined business process for invoice processing,” confirms Georg Tiedemann, Head of Finance and Accounting at NORDGETREIDE. “Bc-competence successfully supported us with qualified and experienced consultants.“

Georg Tiedemann | Financial Accounting

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