RPA Robotics Process Automation Routine. Consulting. Your Performance.

Put an end to routine work

The so-called software robots (RPA) work like a user. No interfaces are programmed. The individual work steps are stored quickly and easily in Customizing. Each step is intuitive.

Performance: without errors, but faster

You can let an RPA robot work 7x 24 hours. A variety of business processes, in particular the simple, recurrent routine work, for example at the end of the month or quarter, is done by the RPA-Robot in the blink of an eye.

Optimizations: If you are looking for…

… you will find many tasks that require simple work. Leverage the performance, flexibility and security of robots and streamline your business processes. Use qualified employees for more important tasks.

RPA gives your digitization strategy more speed and more security!

Clear advantages

  • Identify RPA application opportunities using our Fast View analysis.
  • Fast realization of business process optimization.
  • Manageable expenses.
  • No need to program complex interfaces. Realization can be done largely without IT resources.
  • Project realization by experts of bc-competence including organizational consulting.
  • Comprehensive monitoring including alert service.
  • Optional: We take care of the complete RPA monitoring for you.
  • Optional: You are welcome to book our RPA cloud service.

RPA robot at work:

He runs and runs and runs…



  • Manage SEPA mandates
  • Examination of debtors or creditors for bankruptcy
  • Convert bills to orders
  • Takeover of data from excel list u. Input to target system
  • Acquisition of booking data from email
  • New customer system and verification
  • Creation of purchase orders and frame pull orders from Excel BOMs
  • Creation of vendors on the basis of data from scanned supplier registration forms
  • Maintenance of price info records in ERP from supplier PDF lists.
  • Conducting regular inquiries and automated processing of offers including proposal for proposal
  • Automated follow-up of orders including delivery reminder, possibly delivery warning in the first escalation stage and informing the buyer in the second stage
  • Price search on the Internet based on EAN codes of the article
  • Reading out PDF contracts and comparing with existing text modules
  • Generating orders from previous Maverick Buying to capture the donation for later analysis.
  • Setting up contracts / delivery schedules based on excellists
  • etc.


A small step to the PoC…

PoC RPA Robotics
  • PoC RPA Robotics
  • Identification of a suitable business process
  • Installation RPA-Robot & Customizing
  • Test, Go Live & Conclusion

Proof of Concept
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